About Us

The war showed that we have to do much more for the country than we did before. We trusted the fate of Armenia to the state institutions. Vardan was filming the war, showing the world what was happening in Artsakh, Eric was engaged in journalistic and analytical work, Philip was procuring equipment for the army and volunteers. All this was necessary, but clearly not enough. For real systemic changes, we should unite and start the process of reforming all sectors of our state within the framework of one team.

Our Team

Vardan Hovhannisyan

Film director and documentary producer. He covered the first and second Karabakh wars from the front line, filmed materials about the fate of people who went through the war. He was in captivity, since 1993 – the founder and head of the film company Bars Media. Bars Media documentaries are broadcast on the world’s largest…

David Akopyan

International development specialist in UN, worked in Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan. In 2021 returned to Armenia and Artsakh. Serves on the boards of reArmenia and 1000+ Foundation. Published articles on chaos theory, complex systems and laser physics, in which he holds a PhD. Member of Yerevan City Council from 1991-95.

Eric Hacopian

For 22 years he has been the head of EDH & Associates, a consulting firm based in Southern California. He has worked on local and presidential election campaigns in the United States. Since 2017 lives in Armenia.

Ruben Hovhannisyan

Sociologist, researcher, postgraduate student at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, author of various scientific papers and articles. Specializes in evolutionary psychology and Armenian social and political movements.

Philip Arzumanian

Master of Political Science at the International Center at the RA Academy of Sciences, founder of ARZ Holding LLC, conducts economic and scientific research and development. Together with Armenian and foreign companies, he works on high-tech investment projects.